Wednesday, 22 July 2015

RWS (Resorts World Sentosa) Merlion Craft

We are celebrating SG50 by having our kids do crafts to depict scenes and symbols of Singapore. Because there are very few crafts that are Singapore-themed, we have to resort to creating our own.

Here's sharing the RWS Merlion water-bottle craft with anyone who's interested.

The RWS Merlion
The inspiration

The template - please email me if the file size is too small here

Thursday, 4 June 2015

The biggest news ... we've moved

The biggest event of the past 5 years - our move to a new campus and taking on a new partner.

First, allow me to introduce Ms Huong and Mr Bao, our new partners in education. They will be helping me to fine-tune and improve TAK for the good of our parents and students.

Next, our big shift on Monday 30 March 2015. The main reason why we are shifting is because we are upgrading our status to "Truong Mam Non". For those unfamiliar, we're growing up to become a full-fledged kindergarten instead of being just a nursery. And in order to get the license for this, we need a bigger campus, and thus the big shift.

With the new campus just 500m away from the old, we have doubled our capacity and we should be able to comfortably accommodate more than a hundred students. Much effort and finance have been invested in the new campus to make it a really nice place for our kids ... a home @ school. We shall not blow our own trumpet. Instead, let the photos speak for themselves.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

TAK Graduation Concert 2015

Our TAK Graduation Concert falls again on a Saturday, this time it's on 30 May 2015. This year, Ms Joyce was able to join us from Singapore to the delight of many of our older students and their parents. The celebrations was held at Quen Restaurant, a stone's throw from our new campus.

The rest of the photographs can be found here.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Back to good old blogging

In keeping with the times, we tried out Facebook and gave blogging a well-deserved sabbatical. After this long break, I found that blogging still has its merits and have decided that we should continue to blog major events in our school life for parents' information and also to serve as a record. With this clarification, I will be adding some major events that happened in the past year over the next month or so. Stay tuned...

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Visit to Orphanage

Today, we brought the items donated and purchased by parents of TAK and ASYC to the orphanage. The sisters and the children welcomed us warmly.Some parents came along with us too and made personal donations - very kind of them.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Charity Project 2014 - Orphanage

In Dec 2013, we embarked on a fund-raising campaign to raise funds for our Christmas Charity Project for the Camillo Home for the Aged. The campaign was a success thanks to all parents' support. With the money raised, we were able to buy food and supplies for the old folks at Camillo and also a bag of goodies for each of them.

We still have funds left over from this project. I went with 2 staff to recce more homes where we could help. Our main objective was to find homes that really needed help, not those that are already well supported. We visited one home in District 8 but found it to be quite well supported.

Next, we visited an orphanage in Hoc Mon. It looked to be in quite decent shape. However, when we spoke to the some of the sisters (Catholic nuns), we found that the building was built with the donations of kind supporters and land donated by an old lady who still lives in the building. This building houses 23 orphans and 20 nuns. They are self-supporting and rely on donations of well-wishers and churches. The sisters run a small childcare centre for the poor nearby. Whatever little school fees they earn go towards the upkeep of the orphans and themselves.

A decent place to live in but they lack funds
for daily upkeep of the orphans

Agent Orange baby abandoned by mother.
His fingers are all fused into a lump on each hand.

These orphans were happy to see visitors.
I think they don't get many visitors.

Some orphans are also handicapped physically and mentally.

One of the sisters looking after the orphans.
She doesn't look 72, does she?

Excited kids

Sweet little girl
We will buy some food and supplies like milk and diapers for this orphanage. We have set aside Thu 27 Mar 14 for our next visit there. Parents' help are needed again - this time, we want to collect old clothes and toys for the orphanage.